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JAVA package with Oracle BI Publisher API


Built with VSCode and JDK 1.8

Table of contents

1. Functionalities

This api was initially developed to integrate easily JDEdwards and BI Publisher regardless of JDEdwards Tools Release.
Nothing to install, only to use. Samples scripts are provided into the test directory. It can now be used for any spool with or without JD Edwards (BI Publisher license is needed).

  • Generate PDF and XML files simultaneously from a xml spool
  • Burst or single mode
  • Number of CPU for parallel processing and improving performance
  • Add Ghostscript for PDF compatibility
  • Document indexation and errors into an Oracle Database (optional)
  • Integrate Java class NOMABC to print Barcode 128 (see github repository)

2. Global Settings

cmdGSCall ghostscript to transform PDF after generation (ie, version 1.6 to 1.5)
runGSCall GS script Y/N
xdoSettings for fonts, subtemplate directory…
appHomeRunning script directory
burstOutputOutput directory for bursting documents
singleOutputOutput directory for single mode
processHomeProcess directory
dirOutputTemp Output directory
copyXSLXSL transformation to generate copies
routageXSLUsed for JD Edwards to copy back into the Printqueue
updateDBUpdate Oracle database (Y/N) with index and logs

3. Template Settings

Set template location, ID of fields used to name the output document in case of bursting and mandatory fields when update database is on.

4. Usage

  • Simple java application to configure and generate documents
    java -jar ../dist/nomabip.jar -config ./config/
  • Encrypt password for config file
    java -jar ../dist/nomabip.jar -password <PASSWORD>
  • Generate documents
    java -jar ../dist/nomabip.jar -run ./config/ <TEMPLATE> <DOCUMENT_NAME> <MODE> <DOCUMENT_ID> 

5. Screenshot



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